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Online Poker Player – Raise or Fold

December 3, 2014
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Hello again and welcome to Online Poker Player! In this article we will talk about when to fold and when to raise in a game of poker.

Strong hands of Online Poker Player

Whatever your position, and we all know that they important and sometimes key factors in poker, if you are in possession of a strong hand, you should never miss the opportunity to raise. But on the whole, most players don’t get those types of hands too often. When you really think about it, it turns out that the smartest thing to do, most of the time, is actually folding. But poker is not that simple, and that’s the real beauty of it. Nothing is black and white and all tables can be turned at any given moment, so to speak.

Fold or Raise?

So when it comes to folding or raising, there are much more things in play then the strength of your cards. Namely, you will have to take into account other players, your position at the table, how well can you execute the planned strategy, how good is your strategy and will it work on your opponents. All of these factors, and many more, play an important role when making that decision to either raise or fold. Sometimes players with weaker hands will win because they have mastered the art of poker more than you. In these majestic moments you can truly see the nature and beauty of this game.

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